“Working with Molly is a dream artist and designer collaborative experience. She manages to obtain a perfect balance of hearing/fulfilling the artist vision with injection her own voice and expertise to accomplish a product that is a trifecta of being specific to the vibration of my project, true to her pristine style eye and most important proficient to guide lines of visual format and marketing. She asks profound questions and her work demonstrates her heartfelt listening skills. Not to mention...what a joy! ”

- Ty Taylor, Musician



“SIX PEAKS is the one!”

SIX PEAKS is absolutely one of the most professional, responsive and ethical businesses I've dealt with. Regardless of the timeframe, Molly has consistently provided my firm with superb service. Her keen design sense makes explaining complex projects easy and she has always handled our projects quickly and professionally. Molly is just a joy to do business with. If you are looking for professional design results and want the assurance you're dealing with an honest firm, SIX PEAKS is the one!

— Dave White, Co-Founder, 9b group



"Every experience working with SIX PEAKS has been incredible. Molly brings her A-game, creativity and passion for design to every project without exception. I consider myself lucky to be able to work closely with her, and to help bring her designs to life for our clients.

— Tim Johnson, Freelance Developer



“I was blown away.”

Molly is one of the most business and brand minded graphic designers I've ever worked with or met. She has been a huge part of building the Magnet 360 brand. I didn't know it at the time of my recruiting process to Magnet 360, but much of the work she has done to build the brand was a big part of my attraction to joining the company. Once I joined the company and saw from the inside what she contributes, I was blown away. I continue to look forward to any project with Molly as I know it will not only be above and beyond expectations. I also know that I can count on her to push the level of quality to a new heights. She is a critical thinker with an amazing ability to bring her ideas to life through design. 

— Jennifer Bohmbach, UX Architect, Digital Strategy and Experience, Cisco